JRE offers Highly Versatile Crimping Machines at Affordable Prices

August 08 17:12 2022

JRE specializes in flexible hose assemblies. With them, clients can get rubber hoses, corrugated SS flexible hoses, thermoplastic composite hoses, cryogenic hoses, PVC hoses, break away coupling, dry break coupling, ductings, and many more. It was founded in 1981 by Shri. J.M. Mehta. The company aims to be the top manufacturer of flexible hose assemblies in India. They are committed to providing the best solutions to each industry where connections are typically required. Currently, the company is divided into two divisions. One is a manufacturer of flexible hoses and couplings, and the other is a supplier of several pieces of equipment for the power and petrochemical industry.

Speaking about the company’s CSR, the company spokesperson said, “Over the years, we have been grateful to society for the support. That is why we are committed to looking for ways to improve society. Our company participates in multiple events such as the Mumbai marathon to spread awareness. Our directors also make regular contributions for the upliftment of education and woman empowerment.”

A crimping machine is one of the essential tools around the globe. It allows one to make cold weld joints between cables, wires, or a connector and a wire. The machine typically assists individuals in joining metal fittings with flexible and rigid hose and tubing sections. It prepares the joints by crimping, stripping, measuring, and preparing the ends of the wires. For various applications, hoses usually fulfill specific requirements and need to be of particular lengths based on how one needs to mount them on the system. Thanks to the introduction of a crimping machine, one can easily prepare such hoses for assembly, reduce production costs, and improve productivity. Those wanting to buy crimping machine in India can contact JRE.

Offering things to consider when choosing a crimping machine, the company spokesperson said, “When choosing a crimping machine, clients should start by preparing a list of prospective vendors and assess their product offerings and capabilities. They need to look for items that enable them to meet future and current business requirements to ensure their relevancy and functionality in the long run. Moreover, clients should look for manufacturers who offer adequate customer support and service.”

Camlock couplings usually facilitate the seamless transfer of commodities between two hoses or pipes. They are also known as Camlock fittings or Cam and Groove fittings. The item is easy to use since one does not need additional tools for connecting or disconnecting the couplings. They are highly versatile as they can be used for several applications such as oil distribution, industries cleaning, military strategic deployment, dye, ink and paint manufacture, and many more. At JRE, they offer an extensive range of quick couplings. The company is an excellent option for people wondering where to find top Camlock coupling brands. With them, clients can be sure of only purchasing top-quality products.

About JRE

JRE deals with flexible hose assemblies. They started their operations with low-pressure rubber hoses followed by specialized hoses suitable for upstream, midstream, chemical, steel, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The company has invested in the most advanced technology to offer the finest quality items. Those looking for top flexible hose manufacturers can contact the company.

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