Steam Shower Store Brings Health And Wellness To The UK’s Gardens

August 10 18:50 2022

Anybody lucky enough to have a garden wants to make the most of it.  For most people, that means finding a way to combine practicality and aesthetics.  That’s why investments such as “shoffices”, outdoor bars/kitchens and garden rooms have become so popular.  Now, increasing numbers of people are also investing in outdoor sauna.

Getting value from your garden

In the old days, gardens used to be places to grow your own food.  For some people, they still are.  These days, however, fewer and fewer people have the space or the time to use their gardens mainly for growing food.  Modern gardens have become places to relax, entertain and, generally, look after yourself.  That’s where saunas come in.

Turning your garden into a wellness space

Andrew Ellis is the founder and CEO of Steam Shower Store.  By day, he helps people to improve their home spaces with the help of luxury showers, baths and saunas.  In the evenings and at weekends, he enjoys gardening and keeping fit.  In fact, his garden is a key part of his fitness and wellness routine.

As he explains: “I was into home fitness and wellness long before COVID19.  It was just too difficult to find time to go to the gym along with working and being a dad.  Gardening on its own just wasn’t enough to keep me in the sort of shape I wanted.  Working out indoors wasn’t really ideal, especially with a little one.  Besides, I like being outdoors.  So my garden became my own, private home gym and wellness centre.”.

Mr Ellis would be the first to admit that his home gym was basic but it was effective.  He says “I have skipping ropes and a kettlebell.  That’s basically it.  When the weather’s decent I do yoga outdoors but most of the time I do indoors.”  His wellness centre, on the other hand, really was an investment, albeit one from his own business.

“Our range of saunas was getting really popular,” explains Mr Ellis.  “I knew that there was a growing demand for them.  That’s why I started stocking them in the first place.  I also knew why people wanted them.  I could tell you all the main benefits off the top of my head.  Looking back, I really don’t know why it took me so long to get one myself”.

Wellness for all the family

What finally convinced Mr Ellis to get a sauna for his own home was the fact that it offered wellness for the whole family.  He explains “The benefits of saunas apply across just about any age.  You don’t usually take very young children into them but older children can enjoy them.  In fact, getting them into the sauna habit young can help keep them healthy and well right through to old age.”

Mr Ellis admits that the pandemic initially scuppered his plans to share his sauna with his family.  On the other hand, it made him appreciate its benefits even more.  “When the lockdowns started,” he said, “having the sauna at home really helped with my mental health.  Having a sauna was a quiet time for me to clear my head and just be calm”.

As the pandemic went on, Mr Ellis began to think more about the physical benefits of saunas.  These are still uppermost in his mind today.  He explains: “Traditional saunas combine the benefits of heat and steam.  The heat encourages your heart to work harder and faster, just like it does when you exercise.  The steam cleans your body inside and outside.  In particular, it gets deep into your lungs to remove pollutants.”.

Mr Ellis is, however, well aware that traditional saunas aren’t for everyone.  That’s why Steam Shower Store also offers infrared and hybrid saunas.  These options open up the benefits of saunas to people who prefer to avoid steam.

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