“Good Luck Pug” NFT is coming to be the lucky token in community wallet to earn huge profits with a cause to shelter stray dogs

August 15 15:02 2022

USA, NY – August 15, 2022 – What Separates Good Luck Pug NFT from The Other NFT’s? It is a community driven NFT project, launching 2k unique collection of Pugs Theme NFTs initially. Good Luck Pug NFT is the first NFTs project that covers all in one including children’s books, gaming, charity and NFTs. Their mission is not just to create an NFT community but providing shelter with the charity received for patriots they help veterans vet paired up with most overlooked sheltered dogs and they become their service/support dogs, these veteran Dogs desperately need our attention. For this blessed charity cause Good Luck Pug NFT spends 10% of its revenue every time.

Why Buy Good Luck Pug NFT? What is So different?

Good Luck Pug NFT separates itself from all the other collections of NFTs as they don’t want to be a project that is just hype, and a bunch of NFT launches to raise capital, in fact this Pug NFT is like owning a real estate property or tangible asset, which only raise its monetary worth with the time being, eventually there will only be profit!   We are not just going to be “pretty art” that catches the eye but is worth nothing on the secondary market.  Good Luck Pug NFT are creating a brand which will have tangible value as well as all the things that make NFT’s what they are such as the “fantastic art”, metaverse game, giveaways, merchandise and of course the “Lucky Pug Coin”.  

“Good Luck Pug NFT want to become the “real estate type investment of NFT world”  

Good News! 

Launch Of Good Luck Pugs First 2,000 images/Focus on Children’s Books, Child Educational App/ Colouring Books

It has been allotting of building, allotting of work but within the month of August 2022, the first 2,000 image of Good Luck Pug NFT will launch. The first 2,000 NFTs launching are going to match the part of Good Luck Pug NFT roadmap that is focusing on a brand for Children’s Development.  Each image will represent a symbol of luck from around the world! As well as the galaxy!   

Good Luck Pug NFT are going to create an application to be available in Apple/google Store (Testing the game in discord is going on as well). 

#STAYLUCKY Merchandise Line

This will bring Good Luck Pug NFT to their merchandise line, as they already have their branded hashtag #staylucky merchandise line.  It will consist of T-shirts, Hats, hoodies, and stickers to start. 

Metaverse P2E “3000” 3D Good Luck Pugs NFTs

The next 3,000 images will match with the release of our metaverse game and will be 3D Lucky Pugs, who will spread luck around the metaverse, as well as purchase property for the community to hang out, read books, our “Lucky Pug Casino” (Good Luck Pug NFT have a custom blackjack game already made in discord for this). The P2E game that is created will be another way for our holders to earn more money.

Giveaways And Contest for Community Members That Have A GLP NFT

Giveaway’s Good Luck Pug NFT will have for community members as well as competitions!  Up to 50k in a giveaway, as well as Good Luck Pug NFT profit sharing, and giveaway their first 3D Pug. So, what are you waiting for?

“The more, lucky Pugs you hold, the more passive income you receive.”

Creation of “Lucky Pug Coin

What would a “Lucky Pug” NFTT/Crypto project be without the creation of the “Lucky Pug Coin “and integration of Defi and innovative opportunities.

Good Luck Pug NFT roadmap is made to obtain these goals!  This is what makes Good Luck pug’ the solid “real estate investment” of NFT!  

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