Holy Quran Classes – A Highly Reputable International Quranic Institute Offering One-On-One Online Quran Classes With Qualified And Expert Quranic Teachers

September 22 03:57 2022

The institute has gained worldwide recognition for providing the best online Quran classes with expert Quranic teachers.

Founded in 2009, Holy Quran Classes has become a leading and most reputable international Quran and Islamic Studies Institute for offering unique teaching methods and devotions in Quranic Studies. The institute has been offering one-to-one Online Quran Classes for several years. With hard work and dedication, the institute’s growth has massively increased over the years, gaining worldwide recognition for offering Quran Classes to kids and adults with male and female native Arab teachers through the latest communication software, including Skype, etc. The institute is certified and has gained solid credibility for offering various online Quranic courses, including Online Tajweed Classes, Memorize Holy Quran with Tajweed, Online Quran translation Tafseer courses, etc.

The institute has a full-time faculty of over 200 teachers and 800 students from different countries who have extensive experience and knowledge of the Quran and Islamic studies. All of the experts and Quran teachers of the institute have high command over English and Arabic and hold advanced certification in Tajweed. In addition, the institute takes pride in having highly experienced and qualified female teachers for women and kids to help them seek Islamic guidance. By conveying the Quranic teachings in a simple and uncomplicated manner, the institute has allowed people to learn the Quran online from any part of the world.

The institute is not just a simple online Quran school; it is committed to providing extensive and complete online Islamic education to all age groups, including adults and children. Being one of the leading institutes, Holy Quran Classes offers one-to-one sessions to provide full attention to a single student for half an hour. All the positive factors of conventional Quran teaching have been adopted along with the new technology to make it interesting, easy, and effective for the students to learn Quran Online.

“Holy Quran Classes has arisen as one of the leading online Quran institutes. Due to our unique teaching method and devotion to Quranic Studies, our hard work and passion have resulted in aggressive growth in terms of students. Our Support Team checks and audits Quran Online Classes to give you the best Experience. We audit our classes to ensure smooth and high-quality services,” says the owner.

Moreover, the institute uses the latest and cutting-edge software to provide learners with the best online Quran learning experience. The institute also provides a full progressive report, keeping attendance records of each learner. The institute’s support team continuously keeps checking on the classes, making sure to deliver a high-quality online class experience. The institute also offers a special discount if more than one student gets registered from the same family. There are five classes per week, and each class lasts for 45-30 minutes.

Besides being experts, the institute’s teachers are highly cooperative and keep the teachings simple and interesting for students. Holy Quran Classes also provides free trial classes to interested candidates to give them a brief demo of their teaching methods and techniques. Interested students can register through an online registration form for trial classes without paying any amount.

Holy Quran Classes are accessible online seven days a week around the clock, and students have the leverage of arranging their class schedules according to their preferences. With a team of professionals, the institute strives to teach Islamic studies in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi. Throughout the sessions, the teachers focus on developing their students’ beautiful Arabic tone and pronunciation. Since students are the utmost priority of the institute, Holy Quran Classes provides high-end teaching services to every student at affordable fees without compromising on the teaching services.

Due to the busy schedule, people find it hard to go to a specific institute to learn Quranic teachings. Holy Quran Classes have given people a convenient platform through their high-quality online classes that are time-saving and effective. Additionally, in case of any leave or absence, the institute provides makeup classes to students, helping them overcome the loss.

The company has gained a reputation and credibility for providing high-end Quranic teaching services to people worldwide. The institute makes diligent efforts to stay on the top and keep assisting people by providing them with Islamic teachings efficiently and interestingly.

“We have made it much easier and interesting for everyone to learn how to read the Holy Quran with our live Quran Teachers while you are staying at your home. It’s the most simple and most practical method for learning Quran. If you will take up the imperial task of learning the Quran with Tajweed, Recitation, memorization, and translation through Quran Online Classes, then this place is for you,” says the owner.

For more information, click on the website www.holyquranclasses.com.

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