KwikClick, Inc. (Kwik) Completes Integration Of Its Centralized Commission Engine, Enabling Electronic And Automatic Link Sharing To Reward Influencer Campaigns

September 27 07:14 2022
KwikClick, Inc. (Kwik) Completes Integration Of Its Centralized Commission Engine, Enabling Electronic And Automatic Link Sharing To Reward Influencer Campaigns
Kwik’s Centralized Commission Engine (CCE) leverages patent-pending methodology for paying commissions electronically, automatically, and unobtrusively through Kwik-generated link sharing.

Bountiful, Utah- KwikClick, Inc. (OTC: KWIK) (“the Company or “KWIK”), an industry-leading software platform developed to uniquely connect sellers (users) and influncers with buyers (participants) while merging the benefits of social media marketing with the intense power of individual affiliate and word of mouth marketing, today announced the completion and fully functional ability of its Centralized Commission Engine or CCE. This commission engine is at the heart of the entire affiliate platform of Kwik, leveraging it’s patent-pending methodology for paying commissions in a revolutionary manner by electronically, automatically, and unobtrusively linking any referring individual to a recipient who makes an initial purchase as a result of a Kwik-generated shared link.

As recipients share their own unique links, waves of links are combined, allowing commissions to be paid not only to the referrer but also to the referrer of the referrer and so on. This makes it possible for anyone of age to earn commissions from friends and followers as well as from the friends of their friends. Each subsequent generation of referrals from one friend to the next is called a wave of influence, and the number of waves is determined by the amount of commission dollars the brand offers.

Fred W. Cooper, PhD and Kwik Founder, said, “For the 1st time ever, anyone can be paid for recommending brands and products that they love regardless of their social media presence as an influencer. It is as easy as sharing a pin location. Simply share through a link the location of the product you recommend to a friend or follower, and if they use that link to purchase initially, every time your friend repurchases, whether or not they use your link again, you get a commission.. You don’t need a special social status, no contracts, or even a large number of followers are to benefit from Kwik’s Wave of Earnings program.”

He added, But “Kwik’s Wave of Earnings program provides commissions not only from the friends you recommended the product to, but also from links that are re-shared by the friends of your friends, and so on. These waves of commissions make it possible for Kwik users to earn commissions on their true sphere of influence, not just their immediate friends and followers.”

Kwik’s completing the CCE initiative is expected to be the primary motivation for user adoption on the Kwik platform. By providing immediate value to users of age and a seamless ability to create a side hustle business, Kwik’s Wave of Earnings can go viral on products. The result would be the possibility to earn indefinite residual commissions for anyone involved in that viral product campaign.

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KWIKClick is a social software platform developed to connect sellers with buyers (participants) while merging the benefits of social media marketing with the intense power of individual affiliate marketing typically associated only with network marketing organizations. The free account has the potential to turn all social media activity into a product solicitation on behalf of sellers in an unobtrusive manner. Furthermore, the app allows participants to be compensated for all sales resulting from referring any product or service they wish to promote actively or passively as they correspond socially, through mobile devices, or online. Visit us at


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