The Confidence Society Launches a Workbook for Surviving and Thriving in College

January 10 13:39 2023
A supportive organization for young people continues to empower college students with an easy-to-read workbook they can bring anywhere at any time.

College can be a rollercoaster ride due to the unfamiliarity it brings, may it be when it comes to relationship-building, course management, and independent living among others. It will be an extra difficult journey if there is no support system present when traversing this path.

Fortunately, there are groups that are ready to guide those that are coming of age such as The Confidence Society. It is founded by an empowerment coach, Alexis Moore Eytinge, who very well understands the challenges of being a college student who feels lost in making their university life pan out for the better.

Acknowledging that college is not only about academics, The Confidence Society proudly introduces its College Success Workbook, 21 Strategies for Thriving at College. It covers actionable tips to flourish in a curious environment, especially for freshmen. “This workbook helps students to discover their own reasons for making healthy and positive choices in their new life,” said Alexis.

Building confidence is life-long work but it is best to know where to start. Through the workbook, young people can explore ways to practice positive relationships with themselves, friends, romantic partners, family, and mentors. The Confidence Society also provides a safe space where they can get to know themselves better and understand how to set proper boundaries when living in a new setting,

The techniques that The Confidence Society is ready to share can certainly equip students with self-awareness and self-esteem that will allow them to stand up for themselves. “Knowing how they can choose themselves first will lead to finding people who will support them and accept them for who they are which will make them feel secure,” Alexis explained. To support them at a pace that they are most comfortable with, The Confidence Society, therefore, developed a comprehensive workbook. It is filled with powerful questions, engaging student experiences, and tips to safely maneuver college’s challenges.

The first year at college can truly be a challenge. Therefore, The Confidence Society identified three focus areas to help young people concisely express their needs. These are emotional self-care, relationship standards, and physical safety. Upon scrutinizing which should take priority, Alexis deemed it necessary to start the confidence journey by discovering one’s core values.

The Confidence Society’s offerings are carefully thought through to ensure that students would not feel awkward or unwelcome. After all, The Confidence Society intends to foster a healthy community that would not let any young people end up alone. To learn more about The Confidence Society and the workbook, visit their website now at!

About The Confidence Society

The Confidence Society offers individual, group coaching, and workshops to help young people build confidence and thrive. It has also launched an easy-to-read workbook called 21 Strategies for Thriving at College that provides enlightening techniques for maneuvering through college’s trials.

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