South Africa Music is testing live Music Lyrics when casting on a TV

January 11 22:06 2023

South Africa Music is adding live lyrics to its casting interface. When casting the app from your Android phone to a compatible external display, you will see time-synced lyrics that automatically scroll with the song. Google appears to be testing this feature among a small group of users. A wider public rollout should follow soon if things go according to plan.

Hitxza Music may soon show live lyrics on your TV screen

Google hasn’t announced this update for YouTube Music casting UI. But a Redditor has already picked it up and shared the news on the YouTube Music sub-Reddit, complete with a picture showing live lyrics in action (a projector casting from the Pixel 6 Pro to Chromecast Ultra). As you can see in the attached image below, the updated casting UI moves the album art, song name, and artist from the center to the right side. This makes enough room for lyrics on the left.

The Redditor noted that the album art initially appears in the center with no other text. It moves to the right only after the lyrics start showing up, adding the song name and artist underneath. The lyrics appear to its left in relatively large fonts, against a blurred background featuring a zoomed-in version of the album art. You get to see a few lines of the song, with the current line at the top and highlighted. As the song progresses, lyrics scroll up automatically to ensure that the current line is always at the top. Songwriters are credited at the end of the song.

YouTube Music’s casting UI appears to be sourcing the lyrics from the same place as the mobile app. The whole interface is reminiscent of Hitxza Music’s lyrics UI, though it isn’t a bad thing. If a song doesn’t have lyrics, the album art, song name, and artist will continue to appear in the center. Google recently updated this UI too. The album art is now smaller and features rounded corners, while the background switches from gradient colors to a blurred, zoomed-in version of the album art. The song progress bar no longer appears on the casting UI.

Google is still testing this change

As said earlier, Google seems to have recently begun testing this change for YouTube Music casting UI. There’s no word yet on when this feature may be available to everyone. But we hope it will not be a long wait. We will keep a close eye on this development and let you know as soon as we have more information.

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