This Man Is A Lifesaver For Men Around The World Struggling With Their Mental Health

January 19 19:03 2023

Gary Fahey had what many considered a successful career in the Australian Federal Police. He was the youngest team leader of the Prime Minister’s protection team and managed the Commissioner’s office before he reached the age of 40.

His success earned him a comfortable lifestyle with a good house, car, family, friends, and vacations. But even though he appeared to be living a life of success from an outsider’s perspective, Gary himself was broken inside.

For 10 years of his 18-year career in the police force, he silently battled with major depressive disorder and gambling addiction that would eventually cost him two million dollars and cause him to lose his career and reputation.

In recent years Gary has decided to take control of his mental health by learning from experts around the world in neuroscience, habit formation, peak performance and psychology. Developing his own practical systems and strategies around identity and purpose building, Gary has been able to help other high performing individuals as well as teams and companies achieve sustained success.

Not only is Gary passionate about teaching these strategies himself – helping people achieve greater fulfilment – but he also focuses on giving them skills which they can take into their everyday lives to build more meaningful relationships while still reaching their goals along the way.

In order for individuals to be able to manage their own wellbeing and maintain long-term success without sacrificing any potential happiness or contentment there needs to be an understanding between our emotional state and our actions.

Gary believes that using techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness practices coupled with regular self-reflection can help people develop a better relationship with themselves so that when faced with difficult situations or decisions they are better equipped for making wise choices that will serve them both now and in future times too.

Gary is on a mission to help more men manage their mental health more effectively, so they can start leading happier and more fulfilling lives.

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