Father and daughter-created company Maintenance Porter introduces a new type of maintenance service for residential and commercial properties.

January 31 02:33 2023
Maintenance Porter is set to ease homeowners’ maintenance and repair burden with new cost-effective and time-saving maintenance services.

Taking care of a home or property, inside and outside, can be quite a chore; most people only get as far as writing down a to-do list. Studies have found that homeowners always have one thing or another to do on their property, taking up an average of 90 minutes daily, yet the chore list keeps growing longer. Put together; this adds up to a lot of man hours in a year, time that many people don’t have to spare.

Short on time, most people turn to maintenance and repair providers who take care of one repair, chore and maintenance need at a time. Having a handyman come around every other day costs a lot more money and is a bigger hassle than necessary.

Maintenance Porter is a new type of maintenance service provider that is helping homeowners and commercial properties get through their maintenance and repair to-do lists in a go. The father-and-daughter-created company has opened its doors with a cost-effective and time-saving approach.

When it comes to tackling home tasks, like repairing a garage door, hanging shelves, and fixing ceiling cracks and plumbing leaks, among other chores, Maintenance Porter is the one-stop shop for Arizona residents. The company charges a flat rate for a full day’s work and tackles the client’s to-do list, getting all repairs, maintenance and chores in one sweep. The company will build, fix, replace and repair as it offers all types of maintenance services. Maintenance Porter provides a list of everything done on that day to help homeowners keep track of everything that has been taken care of.

According to Chris Bailey, the founder and CEO of Maintenance Porter, who established the company with his daughter Brooke, the company is on a mission to help people complete all their never-ending tasks. “We offer any service the home may need, including HVAC, electrical, repairs, installs, builds, organization and even chores.”

Besides the issues that clients might already identify, Maintenance Porter inspects every aspect of the exterior and interior of a home and property to find every problem and potential problem that needs fixing. Clients can schedule consultations and book maintenance services on the easy-to-use client portal. Maintenance Porter offers the first consultation and home inspection for free; the result of the inspection is logged in each client’s secure portal for record keeping and warranties. For emergencies, Maintenance Porter has an on-call emergency technician. 

At Maintenance Porter, commitment to customer satisfaction is the main driving force. The company is built on a passion for home and property care and an in-depth devotion to providing value for clients through convenience and affordability. Maintenance Porter values customer feedback which helps shape the company into the best maintenance partner.

Under the leadership of Chris Bailey, who has been in the construction business for more than 35 years, Maintenance Porter’s team boasts extensive experience, expertise and resources to serve clients. The company is also dedicated to educating clients about maintenance best practices. The Arizona home maintenance service provider hopes to broaden its reach and extend its services nationwide.

For more information, visit Maintenance Porter’s website.

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