Omer Istanbul Dental Center: Why Accreditation Matters for Dental Tourists in Turkey

January 30 22:28 2023

Istanbul, Turkey – Omer Istanbul Dental Center, a leading dental clinic in Turkey, would like to remind patients seeking dental treatment abroad that choosing an accredited clinic is crucial for ensuring quality and safety.

“With the growing number of dental tourists coming to Turkey, patients must be aware of the risks of choosing unaccredited dental clinics,” said Dr. Omer Karaaslan, founder and lead dentist of Omer Istanbul Dental Center.

Turkey has become a popular destination for dental tourism in recent years due to its efficient health framework and the advantage of other currencies against the Turkish lira. However, the rise in unaccredited dental clinics has raised concerns about patient safety and the quality of treatment received.

These unaccredited clinics often lack the necessary certifications and qualifications to provide safe and effective dental treatments. Patients may not have the right to complain if they encounter problems.

“We want to remind patients that at Omer Istanbul Dental Center, we have received specialized accreditation for medical tourism from the Ministry of Health of Turkey,” said Dr. Omer Karaaslan. “This accreditation is a mark of our competence and reliability for international patients, and it goes beyond the basic license required of all healthcare providers in Turkey.”

Patients can easily verify the accreditation of a dental clinic by asking to see their certificate or by checking the Ministry of Health’s website.

“At Omer Istanbul Dental Center, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care to our patients in terms of quality and affordability,” said Dr. Omer Karaaslan. “We use only the most technologically advanced, quality, guaranteed, certified equipment and material. Our team of experienced and well-educated dental professionals is dedicated to helping our patients achieve a beautiful and functional smile.”

In addition to its specialized accreditation and commitment to quality, Omer Istanbul Dental Center also offers extra services such as hotel and transportation arrangements to make the treatment process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Dental tourists should take the necessary precautions to verify the specialized accreditation of a dental clinic before seeking treatment. Clinics like Omer Istanbul Dental Center, receiving specialized medical tourism accreditation from the Ministry of Health of Turkey, guarantee competence and reliability for international patients.

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