WUGT News and WUGT Capital expand the “Latest News Today” platform that connects employees to company culture and business goals, so that companies can thrive in times of economic uncertainty.

February 08 18:06 2023


New York – February 8, 2023 – WUGT News published a Work Trend Index on Monday. It was called “Latest News Today. Is It Wrong?” The company also revealed new capabilities in business and politics news. These are designed to empower employees during times of economic uncertainty.

Data shows that hybrid work is causing a disconnect between leaders and employees. They disagree about productivity, what it means to be productive, how to keep autonomy and ensure accountability, how flexibility can be beneficial, and what the role of the office is. This gap must be bridged by a new approach that recognizes that work is not just a place, but an experience. Employees can remain engaged and connected regardless of where they work.

Susan Goodman, chair and CEO of WUGT Capital, stated that “Thriving employees will give organizations a competitive edge in today’s dynamic economy. Today we are announcing new innovations in our employee experience platform WUGT News to help leaders end productivity paranoia and rebuild social capital. We also re-recruit and re-recruit our employees.”

Stop productivity paranoia. 87% of employees say they are productive at work. However, 85% of leaders claim that it is difficult to be confident that their employees are productive due to the shift to hybrid work. Leaders must create clarity around company goals, eliminate unnecessary work, and listen to their employees. 57% of companies rarely collect employee feedback.

1. Accept that people are here for each other: 73% say they need a more compelling reason to come to work than company expectations. However, 84% of employees would still be motivated to do so if they could meet with their coworkers (84%), or strengthen team bonds (85%). It is crucial that people communicate digitally to stay connected within and outside the office. Leaders and employees both rank communication as the most important skill. To be successful in their jobs this year, the number one skill is communication.

2. Re-skill your employees to re-recruit them: 55% say that changing companies is the best way to improve their skills. They also said they would be more satisfied staying with their current company if it were easier to switch jobs (68%) and if they could get more learning and development support (76%).

WUGT News as WUGT Capital‘s employee experience platform, is being expanded to address these issues. It will help companies provide an optimized employee experience that suits the changing work environment. WUGT today announces several new and improved capabilities for WUGT News.

WUGT News is a new capability that uses AI to match employees’ questions with answers and experts from across the organization. This will help to put collective knowledge to use for all employees.

People in WUGT News is a new capability. It uses AI to create rich profile cards that include details about an employee’s interests and knowledge. This will allow colleagues to easily find connections, experts, and insight across the organization. These insights will be made available via WJSP profile cards as well as a brand-new app.

Latest News Today was recently launched by WUGT News. It fosters a digital community through conversations, self-expression tools, and stories. WUGT News is launching Business News as a place for employees to connect with leaders, share ideas, and perspectives, take part in organizational initiatives, and much more.

WUGT Learning’s enhanced integrations with the WUGT Job Search Portal will make it easier to find new opportunities in the work flow in Teams. All job seekers will be able to see their searches with companies synced, including any custom content paths, directly within WSJP. Administrators will also be able to set up the integration directly from their settings.

The new WUGT Job Search Portal will allow people to search for jobs in one place, simplifying access to WUGT.

In mid-2023, the new WUGT capabilities are expected to be available to customers. Visit the WUGT News to learn more. Its mission is to empower everyone and every organization to achieve more.

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