Lovely Poo Poo Introduces a Bamboo Toilet Roll Pack Perfect for Travel

March 21 13:56 2023
Lovely Poo Poo Introduces a Bamboo Toilet Roll Pack Perfect for Travel
bamboo toilet roll

Lovely Poo Poo has launched an innovative toilet paper, the softest toilet paper made from bamboo that is also biodegradable. Many toilet papers on the market today are made from wood pulp and other inorganic materials. This may sound good at first, but it’s not so great when people consider that it comes from trees, which are then cut down to make toilet paper. Lovely Poo Poo is made from bamboo, which does not require trees to be cut down for its production (and can even be grown organically).

Toilet paper comes in many forms, but the most common form is the roll, which most people use at home. Lovely Poo Poo has created a unique toilet paper roll that is unlike any other toilet paper roll on the market today. The Lovely Poo Poo bamboo tissue rolls are soft yet durable toilet paper rolls that are perfect for travelers because they do not easily tear and do not make a mess when used.

Each Lovely Poo Poo bamboo toilet roll contains three layers of 100% biodegradable bamboo material. Bamboo is a known hardwood that grows up to one foot per day, making it an environmentally friendly material created on a fast-paced time scale. Each layer of Lovely Poo Poo’s tissue paper is made with a different density of bamboo fibers, which means that the top two sheets are ultra-soft while the bottom layer is much firmer.

The bamboo tissue is extremely soft and light due to its unique paper-making process. The manufacturing process uses only eco-friendly water and wood pulp harvested from natural bamboo grasses, allowing it to be completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This means that users can feel comfortable knowing that there will be no harm to the environment or those involved in its production. The bamboo tissue also dissolves quickly, making it ideal for travel.

“Lovely Poo Poo bamboo tissue achieves maximum comfort while still keeping your rear end clean after wiping. No matter which way you wipe!” A Lovely Poo Poo spokesperson explained. “That’s not all! Lovely Poo Poo’s toilet paper is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, meaning it kills 99.9% of germs on contact. It’s so soft that you won’t even need to use lotion after wiping! Finally, Lovely Poo Poo is 100% biodegradable, which means it’s perfect for both your body and the environment: no nasty chemicals in your nether regions or landfill!”

Lovely Poo Poo is a bamboo tissue supplier. Its goal is to provide the cleanest, most comfortable toilet tissue on the market. Their bamboo tissue rolls come in a pack of 30 and are 3-ply. Because the company wants its customers to feel as comfortable as possible, each roll is free of fragrances, dyes, harsh chemicals, and inks. Their packaging is also completely free of plastic because they use cornstarch bags that can be recycled. For more information about Lovely Poo Poo bamboo tissue, please visit

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