Educate Police and First Responders on Autism with Blue Bridge Autism Training

March 27 09:18 2023
Retired police officer and special needs father forms a worldwide company to deliver real-world, actionable autism response training to police and first responders

First responders such as police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, security guards, and child protective service workers are well trained to cater to any type of emergency. They are the first to provide essential services in response to the needs of the community, especially during emergencies or a crisis call. To encourage a more holistic and inclusive approach to their jobs, Blue Bridge Autism Training is offering real-world actionable autism response training.

Blue Bridge Autism Training is the brainchild of Captain Gerald Turning Jr., a 25-year veteran police officer with 22 years of K-9 experience and a special needs dad to a 19-year old autistic son. His experience raising his son inspired him to create a worldwide company that will open the eyes of many police officers and first responders that there is a high probability of encountering people with special needs. And when the time comes, they have to be specially equipped to handle such situations.

Captain Turning is well aware of how capable first responders are to a great degree, because he used to be one himself. But as a father to a special needs child who is now entering adulthood, it makes it more important for him to bridge the gap between the two communities – first responders and special needs families. Through Blue Bridge Autism Training, he is hopeful that people like his son will be understood and treated better.

No two people with autism or special needs have the exact same challenges, so it is important to note that what can work for one person might not work with another. With this, Blue Bridge Autism Training focuses their programs on three main areas: improving communication, saving lives, and improving community relations.

When it comes to people with functional needs, communication is crucial. While it is easy to assume that someone with communication challenges is unable to understand, a responding officer must be patient and open to other ways to communicate. The same goes for finding the location of autistic individuals who go missing. They do not simply wander. There is always a goal, destination, or purpose to their behavior, even if they are unable to communicate it. And most importantly, it is also crucial for first responders to foster lasting positive relationships with special needs families, because they need the extra understanding and support. All these and more are just some of the insights and strategies that the team at Blue Bridge Autism Training will share.

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Blue Bridge Autism Training offers autism training for first responders to understand and better serve people with special needs.

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