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April 04 04:42 2023

Transportation is a basic need in any place globally. The founder had filled the gap in the industry by starting it by hosting his foreign colleagues in Singapore (SG) to Malaysia (MY). This foreign community had greatly trusted him to host such an overwhelming 6 days itinerary. Due to the exciting experience, they shared travel guides and photos throughout social media and forums. As a result, it became a phenomenon to request to host them after that.

In terms of the tourism industry, most of the market share is from the family-sized customer. This market tends to grab transportation services from SG to MY. One of the reasons is, SG to MY customers tend to have their families living in MY. It is so common as SG to MY is just nearby with not more than 100km to arrive. Furthermore, the market skyrockets during the festive season as families from SG to MY will have ample time and money to spend. This is the best opportunity that SM911 had exploited.

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With 10 years of experience, the founder had been the most trusted tourism charter in SG to MY. The founder is extremely vigilant to bring customers traveling experience a great memory. It is what makes SM911 Transport a travel charter business in SG to MY. Besides that, this is the only company that provides new cars to charter tourists in addition to giving extraordinary journeys from SG to MY. Families will experience the best transportation from SG to MY as new cars will have extra features including a new GPS system, lack of breakdowns, smooth driving, and also comfortable seats. Instead of that, all new cars are provided with on-time servicing and fully-charged batteries in the new cars. From SG to MY, there will be a lot of pit stops and traffic jams, and the company understands it very well to provide the very best for families and business colleagues.

In terms of charter business, the market showed that tourism is significant and will rocket in the coming years. Throughout the journey of 10 years, Covid-19 has impacted the tourism industry. Although SG to MY governments back these industry players with great taxation-free and no-interest loans to support their overhead cost, it seems that the wait to bring back normal life is positive. Traveling distance from SG to MY allows Singaporeans to spend their vacation very well in Malaysia. Malaysia is popular with great food, and hospitality and is one of the tourist destinations in the world. Such honors had impacted SM911 Transportation to upgrade their quality and services by giving great rates to the clients from SG to MY. SM911 will be in a full-throttle mode to kick off their offers to the desired client with great hospitality from SG to MY.

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The founder is pleased, “Our company has been a presence in the industry for 10 years. To be maintaining relevant in the industry, our company pledges to create a driver’s website for the next 3-5 years. On the website, clients can understand the driver’s interest, service standards, and background as well. Other than that, the company also offers deep travel experiences enabling the clients to dive into indigenous ways of life, cuisine, and traditional festivals.”

SM911 had been recognized as the largest number of licensed drivers for an MPV company in MY, approximately 1,000 drivers. This is known as the Land Transport Department’s award outclass other experience companies listed as nominees. In addition, the company also won Country Garden-Senior Forest City strategic benefit awards, The R&F strategic partnership benefit award, and The Shang Dao International for best entrepreneur awards.

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With these awards, the company will sustain its services and make a great run for the SG to MY tourist this year. These licensed drivers are not only awarded for the sake of the service but also to generate great income for the drivers. It will accommodate more than 20,000 families to charter their vacation from SG to MY. This huge figure will have a positive impact on the tourism industry and can create a great bond between the two countries.

These awards are all genuine recognition of companies in SG to MY. Not only that, the awards had bound the strategic partnership with the matched business in the chain. This is because of the founder’s great networking skills that were brought all together in the same industry. Expected to rocket the tourism industry business by this year 2023.

To have such honors, SM911 aim to deliver excellent travel experiences in SG to MY they handled. It is a must to take care of the clients perfectly as the company had been very good at it for the time being.

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