Gaia Goddess offers a Virtual Sanctuary for women to heal and empower themselves and each Other

April 04 07:33 2023

April 04, 2023 – Gaia Goddess, an eco-feminist brand, has launched a virtual sanctuary for women seeking to connect with nature, heal their minds, bodies, and souls, and inspire each other towards self-empowerment. The brand offers a sacred space for women to unite, heal, and flourish, as they explore the wisdom of nature and discover the healer within. 

Founded by Maria Marshall, a conscious creative with a strong background in visual arts, Gaia Goddess is committed to empowering the divine feminine in connection with the nurturance of nature. The brand ideals for love, inclusion, peace, freedom, and unity, and seeks to create lasting healing for humanity and the planet, Gaia.

“Our mission is to provide healing, education, support and inspirational moments to celebrate our sisterhood and ourselves,” says Maria Marshall, CEO and founder of Gaia Goddess. 

The brand’s offerings include spiritual and holistic experiences, healing sessions, empowerment workshops, and community-building events, all designed to support the continual growth and evolution of the sisterhood. The healers, educators, and practitioners collaborating with Gaia Goddess are highly skilled and dedicated to providing the support the community needs to journey towards wholeness. 

The Gaia Goddess membership offers access to a wide array of online content, including courses, certifications, and community-based experiences, designed to cater to the multifaceted women in the community. The brand also plans to offer an array of goods and services to support the wellness community and augment Gaia’s healing experiences. 

For a limited time, Gaia Goddess is offering early members free access to its exclusive online content library, with the opportunity to upgrade at a discount as additional offerings and perks become available. Members also get access to exclusive events and ongoing support from the sisterhood. 

“We believe in creating a diverse and inclusive community that supports the cross section of the feminine across all cultures, ethnicities, and gender identities,” adds Marshall. “We rely heavily on membership feedback and surveys to remain responsive to the changing needs and desires of our community.” 

Gaia Goddess hosted a Red Thread Retreat at the Lumeria Maui Retreat Center in Hawaii from March 20th to March 25th, 2023. It was a beautiful gathering for women to connect with each other and the natural world around them. With its stunning views and serene atmosphere, the retreat provided a perfect opportunity for healing and renewal.  

Looking ahead, Gaia Goddess is excited to announce its upcoming 5 Night Women’s Retreat in Greece from July 20th to July 25th, 2023. This retreat promises to be another enriching experience, set against the backdrop of the ancient beauty and richness of the Mediterranean. The retreat will offer various activities, including yoga, breathwork, belly dancing, and Reiki sessions. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoy spa treatments and delicious locally sourced Mediterranean meals. 

Join the Gaia Goddess ever-evolving sisterhood today and experience the magical moments imbued with the wisdom of nature. Unlock the content library and start your healing journey today. 

To learn more about Gaia Goddess and its offerings, please visit the brand’s website at

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