Reight Good Bikes: Quality Electric Scooters and Bikes for Sustainable and Efficient Transport Solutions

April 04 10:39 2023
Sheffield-based e-commerce shop Reight Good Bikes offers a range of quality electric bikes and scooters for sustainable and efficient transport solutions. Reight Good Bikes shop is passionate about helping customers find the perfect bike or scooter to suit their needs and providing excellent customer service.

Reight Good Bikes proudly provides quality electric bikes, scooters, and accessories to suit every rider. The business is an intermediary for those who wish to import their bikes but are hesitant for various reasons.

The shop is confident in the quality of products, which the team has personally tested and used. Its collection includes Chinese bikes and scooters that have become increasingly popular among commuters and leisure riders. Electric bikes, powered by an electric motor, provide power to the cycle by either pedaling or throttle, making each cycling stroke far more accessible than it should be. Most electric bikes in the UK have pedal assist, which kicks in once the pedals start to rotate, and the sensor detects each rotation, providing power to the cycle.

They have electric bikes in all styles, sizes, and speeds, from small to large motors, from foldable bikes that can fit in the back of a car to lightweight bikes and bikes built like tanks offering solid rides. The shop also provides electric scooters that are easy to operate and very affordable to run.

Electric scooters are environmentally friendly, require little effort, and offer a quiet and versatile ride. They are also becoming increasingly popular worldwide, with sales increasing every year. The range of an electric bike is around 20-40 miles, although some high-end models can go much further, and they can be plugged into the mains to recharge or use a portable battery pack.

Bikes from the shop range from mini bikes for short trips, standard mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes for urban riding to fat tire bikes, perfect for off-road rides and folding styles. The shop also offers a variety of accessories, including windproof cycling goggles and sunglasses, fat bike tires (20×4.0), and tire liners.

The big brands available at Reight Good Bikes are Trek, Raleigh, Haibike, Giant, and Carerra. The prices vary from £1200 to £7000, depending on the type and brand of the bike.

Reight Good Bikes is passionate about helping customers find the perfect bike or scooter to suit their needs. The team is committed to providing excellent customer service and strives to ensure every customer is satisfied with their purchase. With the growing popularity of electric bikes and scooters, Reight Good Bikes is well-positioned to help people switch to a more sustainable and efficient mode of transport.

About Reight Good Bikes

Reight Good Bikes is an e-commerce store based in Sheffield, United Kingdom, that specializes in providing quality electric bikes, scooters, and accessories. The website offers a wide range of electric bikes and scooters in all styles, sizes, and speeds, from top brands such as Trek, Raleigh, Haibike, Giant, and Carerra, at varying price points to suit every budget.

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