Top-rated author Batya Casper brings a well-written book about survival and perseverance in “Hidden: Nistar”

April 04 10:48 2023
Israeli author Batya Casper, who is also an actor, director, and theater educator, brings an incredible book that’s full of lessons taught at each step due to the condition that children got themselves into. Batya’s novellas are intense, leaving a long-lasting impact on readers globally.

Renowned author Batya Casper has written an outstanding story about how children wade through floods of tragedies, including death, despair, separation, and hopelessness during the war, in the book “Hidden: Nistar,” now available in leading digital bookstores globally.

“Hidden: Nistar” tells about the terrors of living adjacent to war, bringing two novellas that take a unique peek into the challenges of children while bent on becoming resilient in order to survive. “Hidden” shares a wide range of views from Israeli kids who have already known death and tragedy but face even more difficulties when their grandparents are held hostage in the war. 

One of the stories explores Tikvah, who becomes an unforgettable character in a tale that is written with patience and tenderness. Her relationship with betrayal puts morality on a tightrope between life and death.

Another story, which revolves around Sarah, brings readers to England during World War 2 and exemplifies the impact of everyday violence on children’s already deteriorating mental health and outlook in life.

In a review, Vincit Veritas lauded the author for bringing novellas that “hit hard” and make readers reflect on their values and how they see the world.

“Both novellas hit hard and share perspectives that are rarely considered in war—those of the youngest eyes on the battlefield. Exploring trauma and healing atop richly painted backdrops makes for intense but pleasant reading, thanks to Casper’s striking, subtle, and revelatory writing,” writes Vincit.

Sanjin, another reader, says “Hidden: Nistar” is not an easy read given its emotional, heavy, and thought-provoking ride. However, this type of book is a “must-read.”

“The author speaks about living in war times, and that alone should give you a glimpse into what’s waiting for you inside these pages. The writing is really competent; the author managed to convey emotion and anxiety while not overdoing it. The characters are easy to relate to, and that’s crucial for me when reading this type of story. All in all, a good, compelling read when you need something to make you think and feel,” writes Sanjin.

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