Boulder Chiropractor at Atlas Chiropractic Offers Effective Pain Relief from Muscle Pain and Migraines Without Surgery and Painkillers

April 04 17:21 2023
Atlas Chiropractic specializes in treating neck and shoulder pain that results from injuries. The chiropractors at this clinic deliver lasting solutions. They diagnose each case and implement a treatment plan to restore movements and minimize dependence on pain relief medications.

According to announcements released by Atlas Chiropractic and Alison Bremner, this Boulder chiropractor treats patients worldwide. The clinic’s expertise in providing pain relief from neck and shoulder injuries has earned it numerous positive reviews online.

The knowledgeable and experienced team of doctors at Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder treats patients of all ages and fitness levels to reduce their pain and discomfort caused by car accidents, falls, and concussions. It helps individuals suffering from neck pain, headaches, migraines, back pain, or vertigo experience pain relief and regain unrestricted movements while reducing their dependence on pain relief medicines.

The empathetic chiropractors at this clinic understand the fear and anxiety that can come with seeking treatment, and they strive to provide a safe and comforting environment for all patients.

Atlas Chiropractic is skilled in identifying the source of pain and providing relief. Its team of experienced chiropractors, led by Dr. Bremner and Dr. Wilson, takes the time to listen to one’s needs and understand the circumstances leading up to neck pain. They adopt a holistic approach to treating such pain, considering a client’s medical history, lifestyle, home, work environment, and stress levels.

This clinic limits appointments to a small client base enabling it to provide clients with the care and attention they need.

Atlas Chiropractic of Boulder uses advanced technology, years of experience, and specific education and training in spinal anatomy to evaluate the cause of a patient’s back pain and develop a care plan tailored to one’s needs. The plan includes a combination of hands-on techniques, lifestyle suggestions, objective assessments, and adjustments when necessary to help patients achieve lasting results.

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Dr. Alison Bremner of Atlas Chiropractic said, “The sudden forward and backward motion of the neck, often experienced in car accidents or sudden stops, falls, or physical assault is a type of sprain that can cause lasting trauma and neck pain. If you live in Boulder, chances are you’ve slipped and fallen on ice. We see many patients who have recently experienced traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) as well as clients who have no idea their cervicalgia is related to long-healed concussions.

Where the primary concern is brain bleeding and swelling, incidents that cause TBIs also cause other physical injuries, especially neck trauma. How long have you been leaning forward, squinting at your screen? Does your teen complain that her backpack is too heavy? Has an injury elsewhere on your body thrown off your gait?

Our neck vertebrae and tissues take the brunt of insufficient working environments, carrying loads, and other aches and pains. Mattresses and pillows that don’t sufficiently support our bodies contribute to neck pain, and even eyesight issues affect our neck vertebrae… and vice-versa.

Our skeletons support our organs and muscles, but our muscles help keep our spines aligned. People who stay physically fit can experience fewer back problems—that is, those who aren’t skiers, rodeo riders, or gymnasts. “Weekend warriors” may not practice diligent stretching and warm-ups before heightened activity, and those who are recovering from illness or taking on lifestyle changes don’t yet have the muscle tone to shield against potential neck injuries.”

About the Company:

Atlas Chiropractic helps its patients to regain an active lifestyle through chiropractic procedures to treat neck and muscle pain resulting from injuries, faulty posture, medical conditions, etc. The clinic also treats headaches and vertigo related to head and neck injuries. The chiropractors at this clinic have a deep understanding of body mechanics and know how to restore functional movements for a pain-free life.

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