TutorEva Launches Snap & Solve Math Solving App with Revolutionary AI Technology

April 04 16:07 2023
TutorEva Launches Snap & Solve Math Solving App with Revolutionary AI Technology

TutorEva is pleased to announce its official launch of “Snap & Solve” math solver app for students and parents seeking immediate assistance with arithmetic assignments. With this revolutionary AI software, which is powered by ChatGPT, they can get in-depth insights and solutions to any math problems in a matter of seconds.

Unlike traditional tutoring app that relies on human tutors, TutorEva’s AI-powered platform can handle any math problem, no matter how complex. TutorEva can solve even the most complex math problems whether it’s calculus, algebra, geometry, or any other math subject. With its cutting-edge technology and interactive one-on-one teaching approach, TutorEva is set to transform the way students learn math.

The real game-changer with TutorEva is its “Snap & Solve” feature and one-on-one interactionability with its users. The app’s virtual avatar provides an interactive teaching experience, offering step-by-step guidance with responsive explanations that are clear and easy to grasp. Whether it’s basic geometry, basic algebra, elementary statistics and probability, elementary function, advanced math word problems, analytic geometry, or math modeling, TutorEva is up to the task.

TutorEva’s snap-and-solve feature allows students to scan math problems with their phone cameras and instantly receive detailed answers with one touch. It typically comes in handy for those last-minute homework or complex math projects that take hours to solve. Its 24/7 availability ensures that help is always at hand when needed.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO and founder of TutorEva said: “It’s common knowledge that students are always looking for solutions to their math problems. And while many of us were happy with the traditional method of pencil and paper, technology has opened up a world of possibilities. Our AI math solver app, TutorEva, takes out the guesswork from the equation by providing these brilliant minds with self-explanatory answers to any problem they may have.”

ChatGPT allows for intuitive and spontaneous interactions with the app’s virtual teacher Eva. This means that students can test their understanding in real time and get additional context to the answers. It is a personalized and engaging experience that is guaranteed to make learning fun. In addition, the robust language model caters to all academic levels, from elementary school to college math.

TutorEva’s team of top-notch mathematics and science scholars from top QS100 universities have meticulously curated each and every answer, ensuring the utmost care and thoughtfulness in their presentation. The answers are not only accurate to the penny but are documented in a visually appealing manner. All this guarantees the highest level of satisfaction for its users, allowing them to focus on achieving their academic goals.

TutorEva is available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple Store, making it accessible to students worldwide. Above all, users can expect a wide range of support from the company’s team of developers. Given its commitment to academic excellence, TutorEva is only set to make further strides in the mobile education space.

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TutorEva is a personal AI tutor that provides in-depth solutions to help students, parents, and teachers with various math problems. The app is easy to use and comes equipped with an interactive virtual tutor. With TutorEva, students can receive methodologically solved answers with just a click of a button. The app solver’s expert team also offers EvaSolver, an online platform where mathematicians can help students solve questions and earn money in return.

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