FSI, a Global Polyurethane Systems Company, Leads the Way in Innovation and Eco-friendly products

April 05 00:36 2023
Led by its core values, innovation, sustainability, and caring and leveraging its global reach, FSI aims to meet the needs of the full spectrum of companies that require reliable polyurethane systems and equipment.

Global Polyurethane systems and equipment provider FSI is leading the way in providing eco-friendly polyurethane products. As a leader in chemicals and distribution serving various industries, the company embraces innovation and sustainability to provide high-quality, environmentally responsible products. FSI products have uses in the automotive industry, construction, marine, and recreation, among others.

There is a global rise in the demand for polyurethane products. This can be traced to the uses of the products in furniture, coating applications, appliances, and more. Polyurethane coatings have become preferred due to their high corrosion resistance and quality on the finished products. With the current trend, the polyurethane market is expected to grow into a multi-billion dollars industry.

Even as demand grows, environmental concerns continue to weigh on everyone. The world has been pushing for sustainable innovations, and FSI provides just that. The Polyurethane systems house aims to develop polyurethane systems that address technical challenges, surpass environmental regulations and meet the needs of new and developing markets.

With a focus on research and development, FSI’s team of expert chemists constantly strives to improve product quality, lower costs, reduce environmental impact, and increase production efficiency. FSI has been working hand in hand with its customers since 1972 to meet the evolving needs of its clients and the market. Its high-grade polyurethane systems have a global reach, allowing FSI to serve a wide range of industries and regions. The international exposure has helped FSI streamline its products to suit the global needs of customers.

“We are dedicated to helping companies meet their objectives through superior chemical systems. Our team of expert chemists works hand in hand with our customers to solve their toughest challenges.”

FSI has a proven track record of consistency, quality, innovation, and sustainability. Its commitment to providing sustainable products is reflected in its eco-friendly products made with environmentally responsible materials and processes. As the US’s largest independent polyurethane systems supplier, the company’s research and development team has put FSI on the map. “Our state-of-the-art facilities and large production capacity enable us to offer complete toll blending services from our plants in St.Louis, Missouri, and Dallas, Texas.”

In addition to providing cutting-edge polyurethane systems and equipment, FSI engages in many caring initiatives. This is reflected in the company’s culture and work environment, which allows room for every employee to express themselves and grow. FSI’s outward-looking, relationship-based approach extends to communities around it. The company donates much of its profits to support local non-profit organizations, funding STEM education opportunities, and more.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of FSI’s priorities. The company assures clients they have access to technical support whenever needed. By working with FSI, individuals and businesses support a company that believes in providing high-quality, environmentally responsible products and gives back in impactful ways. FSI continues to charge forward, echoing its belief that its chemistry builds a better tomorrow.

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