Pelligrini Corp. Unveils Pellegrini Store, a Digital-First E-commerce Brand Bringing Sophisticated Fashion

April 05 03:00 2023
Set off on a stylish vacation with this brand’s elegant and chic apparel and accessories.

Living life on the boat hosting parties, entrepreneur and Brazilian immigrant Ana Pellegrini would always find people asking her for tips about fashion and style. Thrilled about starting a new life in Miami, she started posting photos sharing her world of boats and parties online–a life filled with fun, adventure, and stylish outfits, and people began to flock to her for advice, from what outfit to wear to what places to go to. Today, she unveils her new business Pelligrini Store, a digital-first brand selling elegant and chic apparel and accessories online to help her fellow women.

Before setting on the shores of Miami, Ana lived a simple life in Piauí (inland Brazil). She also spent time living in the city of São Paulo. In her younger years, she has been exposed to fashion as her mother sold women’s clothing. At a young age, she fell in love with the colors, textures, and shapes of women’s apparel, from lingerie and bikinis to dresses and shirts.

Apart from this love for fashion, Ana also has an entrepreneurial streak which started to show when she was young, having sold jewelry pieces at school for teachers, faculty staff, and even the school principal. She combined both passion and skill to give birth to her newest venture Pelligrini Store, which came after she established Pelligrini Travel, a micro charter company she founded.

At Pellegrini Store, Ana ensures all pieces are carefully curated by her to give her followers and Miami women the best-looking apparel and accessories to suit their lifestyles. Her best sellers include the Kendall sandals and classy pouches perfect for day or night parties in the city. The store also impresses with trendy bikini styles, hats, and cardigans. To browse, shop, and learn more about Pelligrini Store, visit

About Pellegrini Store

Pellegrini Store brings a curated selection of stylish clothing and accessories on the shores of Miami and across the country, for those who live life to the fullest. Founded by Ana Pelligrini, an entrepreneur and Brazilian immigrant, the brand boasts stylish wear that reflects the fun, thrill, and adventure waiting for today’s women in the Magic City.

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