Divorce Smart: A Must-Read Guide for Anyone Facing a Divorce

April 04 23:10 2023
Divorce Smart: A Must-Read Guide for Anyone Facing a Divorce
Divorce Smart Book
Adam Weiss, author

It is a fact close to 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce. Many times the split it amicable and other times, the split is trying and difficult for everyone involved. Whether it happens by choice or not, divorce can happen to anyone. Your sister, mother, or even your best friend – and the author’s goal is to help others be better prepared than he was.

Recent statistics, the average length of a divorce process is about a year, average cost is around $15,000. However, for many, it can drag on for years. As for the author, the ex-spouse went through five lawyers before finally settling after two and half years.

Divorce Smart highlights the darker side of divorcing that is not often talked about. The book shares the story of the author, who never thought he would end up broke. Homeless, and living out of his car and office before the divorce process was over. He skipped eating every other day so he could help his daughter eat food and get the healthcare she needed. The author lost over 40 pounds with his newfound fasting and it wasn’t healthy.

“Overnight, the joint bank and saving accounts money vanished, until later during the divorce discovery showed the money trail of withdraws into secret accounts,” says the author.

His book, Divorce Smart: How to Thrive and Come Out Whole, provides a comprehensive guide to help individuals better prepare for the many challenges that may arise during the divorce process. Sharing common pitfalls and ugliness of the divorce process, making Divorce Smart an invaluable resource for anyone facing or contemplating a divorce.

Weiss took his own experiences and experiences of others to craft the book. Readers who are considering divorce or in the process will learn how to save the two most valuable things they have — time and money.

“There is so much you can do before and during the divorce process. I share tips on what evidence and data to collect to share with your attorney, who will charge you significantly if they have to do it themselves. I also provide information on how to protect your personal finances and mental health. Ample information on divorce with children and family assets,” continued Weiss.

Divorce Smart is not just another self-help book. It offers practical and actionable advice that can help individuals better prepare for the divorce process. The author’s personal story of loss and struggle is a reminder of how quickly one’s life can change, and how important it is to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. The book provides readers with a step-by-step guide on how to protect their personal finances, mental health, and family assets during the divorce process. Whether you are considering a divorce, in the process of one, or have already been through it, Divorce Smart is a valuable resource that can help you come out whole on the other side.

Learn more at the website. Go to www.divorcesmartbook.com.

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