New novel “Fait Accompli” by Lamienne Verdut is released, a harrowing story of emotional pain, indulgence, and processing trauma based on the author’s real experiences

April 04 23:36 2023
New novel "Fait Accompli" by Lamienne Verdut is released, a harrowing story of emotional pain, indulgence, and processing trauma based on the author’s real experiences

 “Fait Accompli” by Lamienne Verdut has been released worldwide. This 266-page novel, based closely on the author’s lived experiences, follows the story of a young woman who loses her direction in life and becomes the victim of her own desires. This somber, painful tale began as an autobiography and evolved into a work of fiction, yet many of the core elements come directly from Verdut’s own life.

Born in and raised in France, Marie Arnoux is a brilliant young woman full of potential, but a fraught family life and internal turmoil sends her down a destructive path. With an abusive father, a demanding, manipulative mother, and a cruel sister, the heroine is pushed beyond her limits and tumbles into a lifestyle of sex, pleasure seeking, and chaos.

Written in first person, this cathartic narrative brings readers through shocking situations and the uncomfortable realities of family trauma. While the story is fictionalized, the author’s agony comes through page after page, particularly as it relates to the relationship with her mother, Maman.

Writing with heart wrenching detail and beautiful prose, Verdut doesn’t placate readers with a tidy story of redemption and easily resolved issues, and instead illuminates the realities of a lifelong struggle with self-acceptance with aching honesty.

Fait Accompli (ISBN: 9781958729939) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $16.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

Our heroine is known in her circles as a kind, enthusiastic, life-loving woman. Her senselessly wounded self made her art into a lost persona in the world of many affairs, sexual encounters and orgies.

But when one takes a closer look at her ways to find a more complex side of her, who has been understood narrowly as a purveyor of frivolity, the celebrant of bacchanalian pleasure gatherings, one will reveal an artiste in tune with the drastic social forces that transformed her epoch, making her moves in the secret world of high-rollers, business-men and a ritzy life.

A book which gets under the skin of her capacity… there is much here for those who want to read about the roistering, drinking, man-devouring artistic intellect of allegory. But there is also the real woman who suffered, struggled and strove to make a difference in her world.

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