Xiao-Fong’s Guide in Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring: A Female Perspective

April 26 17:42 2023
Custom-Designed Engagement rings for women

Jason nervously rings the doorbell to Grant’s house. Grant has been Jason’s best friend since childhood. Grant opens the door and hugs Jason, “Hey, Bro! What brings you to the neighborhood?” “I’m going to proposal to Lisa,” Jason says nervously. “Wow! ” Grant replies in shock, “So, Lisa is really the ‘One’ for you, huh?” “Yup, she’s the ‘one’ for me.” Jason says and sighs emphatically. “Well, I’m happy for ya! It sure took you long enough to pull the trigger, huh?” Grants says with a smile. “Yeah, it did, but I think it might take even longer just find an engagement ring for her.” Jason jokes. “Well, don’t look at me! I’m clueless with girls; but it’s my day off, so why don’t we go checkout some rings.” The two men walk into a nearby jewelry store. “May I help you?” asks salesperson. “My buddy here is looking to proposal to his girlfriend,” replies Grant as he give Jason a brotherly slap on the back.” Jason stares at all the rings like he was lost in the sea of rings, “That’s a lot of rings. It took so long to find my Lisa, but now I feel like dating an bunch of rings to find the perfect ring for her.” Jason jokes with the salesperson, meanwhile feeling overwhelmed by the task.

Does this story sound familiar? Unfortunately, this age-old story stays the same. It is challenging and daunting task to find the perfect ring without any help; meanwhile, also trying to show how much one means to the person who’s proposing and figuring out what fits the receiver’s style.

Best recommended remedy for this problem without wasting so much time in looking for an engagement ring is to find a jeweler with custom-designed engagement ring concierge service, like Mahalo Designs – a small online jewelry company that provides 1:1 customer service. This online store only specializes in custom-designed rings and works directly with experienced, local San Francisco bench jewelers and suppliers. All this helps cuts the company’s overhead costs, which makes it easier to help save customers’ money and make high-quality engagement ring. Mahalo Designs also provides a free $100 appraisal, and a $75 discount when a customer signs up for Brite Co.’s jewelry insurance.

Furthermore, when a Mahalo Design ring is purchased, customers are gifted a free photo session and 5X7 engagement photo with an experienced editorial fashion & wedding photographer, John Louie (instagram: sf_weddings). Customers can also receive more help planning out a romantic proposal, if they so desire. This San Francisco company is affordable, eco-friendly, and works with only local small business owners. Mahalo Designs’ goal is to save customers’ time and money, and assists in creating a romantic and memorable proposal. Nothing beats the feeling of having a custom-designed-one-of-a-kind ring that made for just for the person receiving it. After all, no woman wants a ring that is like everybody else’s.

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