The ChitChat App: The App That’s Changing The Way People Think About Reminders

May 01 18:36 2023
Focus on what really matters with this reminder app’s amazing features

A new app is here – and it is helping people increase their productivity while encouraging self-improvement and deepen relationships. This new app takes a new and interesting approach to help people, “remember the important things in life”.

The ChitChat App enables people to stay on top of important tasks and remain motivated throughout the day. Unlike most reminder apps, it uses text messaging to send reminders, which is more disruptive and attention-grabbing than other notification methods. App users are able to choose the timeframe for their notifications (e.g. 9am-5pm) and then The ChitChat App will send these notifications at a random time inside of that timeframe. This unique delivery method creates a more spontaneous and personalized way to stay connected, motivated, or productive.

With The ChitChat App, users also have the flexibility to choose from multiple reminder frequencies. Whether they need reminders sent daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, the app’s user-friendly interface makes setting up and customizing these important reminders seamless.

“Sometimes you just need a little ChitChat with yourself to get the important things done,” shares the team behind the app.

Today, the app is only available in the USA and Canada. It can be used online from a modern web browser or with the iOS or Android app. Users need to create an account on their website in order to login through the app.

For more information about The ChitChat App, visit their website at

About The ChitChat App

The ChitChat App is a new app that sends automated and random reminders via SMS to help increase productivity, improve relationships, and practice self-care.

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