Fan Chinghsaing and Anthony Tsang from “Salute to the World Earth Day” release “The Future Rocks charity album” to express concern of global ME/CFS

May 02 22:15 2023

During World Earth Day, Fan ChingHsaing, a Chinese public welfare artist and Warner public welfare musician FJ Public Welfare Pioneer Team, was invited by TheFutureRocks, a friend of the world’s environmental protection public welfare, to serve as a pioneer ambassador and charity album producer to work together on contemporary gemstone public welfare, charity jewelry and physical and mental health The construction and development of culture, and for the first time joined hands with Anthony Tsang, a global environmental protection devotee and a representative of contemporary gem public welfare initiators, to jointly create public welfare action works in multiple forms – “The Future” Charity Jewelry Series Album” in the post-epidemic era by gem culture, radiant spirit, future awareness, inheritance of the origin of public welfare, practice of traceable environmental protection, sustainable natural ecology, practice of life force from “her”, and exercise of public responsibility and mission of Chinese public welfare representatives.

On Earth Day, the two co-created and released the “PURE” public welfare video work and international public welfare posters with the “environmental protection energy handbag” designed by Anthony Tsang to advocate environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction, and resource recycling. Organic Consciousness etc. officially released the “Salute to Earth Day” in Shanghai China.

Lan Kuochuan, a representative of ME/CFS urban slow life and sustainable fashion ecology, shared: This public welfare action, charity album works and targeted assistance to the “ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Public Welfare Project” invited global public welfare ambassadors Lee Kangsheng, Charmaine Sheh, Chen Mingzhen, Zhou Haimei, etc. jointly cared about ME/CFS chronic fatigue, new crown, advocated attention to fatigue index, physical and mental health awareness, so as to practice the “spirit of light” of this public welfare action and charity works and respond to Fan Jing who is a pioneer of FJ public welfare The “Always Spreading Love in the World Action” initiated by Xiangxiang invites pioneers from various cities to devote themselves to the concept and true meaning of charity jewelry and jewelry public welfare through pioneer culture, public welfare actions, and urban sports. This move has also been supported by the global public welfare organization MILLIONS MISSING response.

It is worth mentioning that Fan ChingHsaing and Anthony Tsang, who just served as the current “ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Public Welfare Ambassador”, shared: “ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ME; Diseases with adverse effects, resulting in persistent fatigue, unstable indicators, etc.; more than one million people in the world are affected by the disease, unable to live a normal life, and there is no perfect treatment plan. In the global post-COVID-19 epidemic era, through this charity album, public welfare action works, etc., we advocate to pay attention to and pay attention to the physical and mental health of urban people, the understanding of ME/CFS, and the recovery of COVID-19 patients Ecological issues such as fatigue symptoms and life care.

Talking about “”The Future” Charity Jewelry Series Album”, Fan ChingHsaing, a Chinese public welfare artist and work producer, integrates the life spirit of TheFutureRocks with the concept of gemstone public welfare and charity jewelry initiated by Anthony Tsang, the founder of contemporary gem public welfare, as the core , contemporary humanities, artistic video, dialogue programs, world literature, contemporary music, immersive interaction and other seven dimensions to carry out public welfare actions and charity album production.

Fan ChingHsaing also honorably invited Anthony Tsang, who named the album works, as the “Chief Messenger of Light, Ambassador of Light” to join hands with the production team, friends of global public welfare, public welfare pioneers, and world citizens to “in the name of love” through actions and works for the modern ecology Interpret and practice the true self-awareness, the spirit of light, and the true meaning of love in “The Future”; inherit and carry forward the true meaning of global public welfare actions and charitable works initiated by the Chinese spirit and Chinese culture.

The album was produced and invited to shoot the global public welfare promotional film “Care from the Heart”, which pays tribute to ME/CFS chronic fatigue patients around the world. Fan ChingHsaing acts as the director, and Anthony Tsang serves as the actor interpretation. The theme is inspired by public welfare friend Ray Cheng Sharing inspiration for TheFutureRocks, trending platforms, and lab-grown diamonds.

The scenario of the script is set in a virtual future city. Anthony Tsang, a future pioneer who suffers from ME/CFS chronic fatigue, is exploring the road of life, facing the future through the spirit of faith, and living a wonderful life. The fables present this album The original spirit of “caring from the heart” and the origin of public welfare.

The work is planned to participate in the International Art Festival, to popularize the correct understanding of ME/CFS chronic fatigue among citizens of the world, and to advocate the importance of modern physical and mental health. During the shooting, Anthony Tsang wanted to let more modern people see the new generation jewelry The energy of rebirth and inheritance conveys the inseparable connection between gem public welfare and humanistic care through performance, body and performance art, and hopes to practice the mission of cultivating diamonds through works, so as to cultivate Chinese artistic talents and promote Chinese culture The beauty of humanity.

It is worth mentioning that this time, “The Future” Charity Jewelry Series Album is composed of public welfare actions and charity works to pay tribute to “Earth Day”. Zhou Yang and Liu Beibei, who are representatives of the series album production team, shared: Chinese public welfare artist Fan ChingHsaing, contemporary gemstone public welfare initiator Anthony Tsang will continue the mission and responsibility of world citizens, messengers of light, and future pioneers. They will join hands with Warner Music, Joint Publishing, International Art Festival, etc. to extend the production and distribution of works, hold Art exhibitions, humanistic dialogues, literary salons and other activities, in order to carry out excellent cultural exchanges of global gem public welfare and charity jewelry.

This is also derived from the great love concept of “Care for the future, care from the heart” advocated by Anthony Tsang, the public welfare sponsor of Modern Gemstones, to the world. Every gem, every piece of work, every action, etc., brings to every citizen of the world around him a diamond heart that shines like a thousand feet, illuminating every life that needs the light of gems in life, and jointly realize the journey that starts from the heart “Care for the future, care from the heart” pays tribute to Earth Day, cares for global ME/CFS chronic fatigue, and devotes itself to the brilliance of ecology blooming like gems.

About Anthony Tsang

Anthony Tsang,Committed to global ecological protection, advocates of new-generation jewelry culture, and sponsors of contemporary gem public welfare, are committed to conveying the ideological connection and expression of new-generation jewelry and life through humanistic and emotional methods; in order to practice the caring concept of gem public welfare and charity jewelry and society contribute.

About Fan ChingHsaing

Chinese public welfare artist, Warner public welfare musician, co-founder of FJ public welfare pioneer, ME/CFS urban slow life public welfare project-representative of caring for ME/CFS chronic fatigue syndrome, representative of the world public welfare organization MillionsMissing in Greater China, music work “In Your Body” Next”, “Fly Together”, “Happy Paradise”, etc., and the program works “Energy Journey”, “Happy Time”, “Healthy Afternoon Tea”, etc.; represented China as the international honor of public welfare ambassador of the 16th Milan Video Art Festival.

About The Future Rocks

A global pioneering platform, focusing on a new generation of laboratory-grown diamonds; dedicated to the new generation of jewelry culture with traceability, sustainability, technology and design, and practicing the public mission and responsibility of global environmental protection, physical and mental health and ecology.

About ME/CFS chronic fatigue

“ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ME; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFS” is a disease that has adverse effects on the human immune system, resulting in persistent fatigue, unstable indicators, etc.; more than one million people in the world are affected by the disease, Unable to live a normal life, there is no perfect treatment plan. In the era of the global post-COVID-19 epidemic, let us once again pay attention to issues and concerns such as the health status of urban people, the understanding of ME/CFS, and the fatigue symptoms of COVID-19 patients after recovery.

About Earth Day

The World Earth Day, April 22 every year, is a festival established for the protection of the world’s environment and ecology. It aims to raise the awareness of the world’s citizens on existing environmental problems, and advocate a modern environmental protection movement. Through green life, it will help The overall environment of the earth, the physical and mental health of the citizens of the world.

About ME/CFS slow city life

“ME/CFS Urban Slow Life” was founded by the Lujiazui Community Public Welfare Foundation. Together with MillionsMissing, it released actions, works, and cross-border joint activities in the Greater China region to promote public awareness of diseases, care, and pay tribute to global ME with positive and healthy actions. /CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

About MillionsMissing

The world public welfare movement “MillionsMissing Millions Missing Public Welfare Action” is a global public welfare action aimed at international advocacy and raising awareness of “ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” among modern urban people, and striving for recognition, education and research for the disease.

About works for public welfare

Public welfare album works, helping ME/CFS urban slow life public welfare projects; practicing the gemstone public welfare spirit, advocating the spirit of modern life starting from the heart and shining from the inside out; directional care for ME/CFS chronic fatigue, long-term new crowns, etc., dedicated to the post-epidemic The awareness of physical and mental health in the era, and the development and inheritance of contemporary cultural public welfare.

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