Lord Spark’s “Beyond Grudges” EP out on all digital stores from Sept 22nd

September 20 10:40 2023
Lord Spark's "Beyond Grudges" EP out on all digital stores from Sept 22nd
“For a long time I clung to my grudges to survive, without ever being able to understand who I could be without them. Last year something in me changed, and I wanted to try to leave them behind. ‘Beyond Grudges’ is the summary of the first experience with this new mindset.” – Lord Spark
Inspirational new release coming, in which the Italian songwriter continues his dreamlike transcendence

Lord Spark’s allegorical sound universe is about to expand further with his second chapter, “Beyond Grudges”. After a disruptive debut with “Catharsis” (2021) he re-branded himself with the “Beyond Hideaways” EP (2022), where the dance pop singer gave his music a new shape and surprised his fans with a work that redefines the meaning of redemption and discovery.

“Beyond Grudges” is a 6-track project that goes beyond creative barriers and embraces themes as love, sex and friendship. Lord Spark takes us through an emotional purgatory, emerging into the idyllic brightness of acceptance. This transition is clearly mirrored by the evocative artworks that come with the new music.

The EP will include the singles “Here and Now”, “Out of My Mind”, “Hard To Resist” and “Yours Now”, together with the unreleased and poignant “The Last One”, where impeccable vocals express a deep pain, never shown before. The tracklist will end with the single “Prayer”, one of Lord Spark’s most streamed songs. This track features a collaboration with the gospel singer Levite and is supported by a music video rich of ethereal imagery and fashion; it is a sequel to past “Don’t Tell Me” single and has collected more than 15,000 views worldwide.

Listeners are drawn into a state of contemplation through an aesthetic journey that aims to enchant. Lord Spark has clearly embraced a new phase in his career, characterized by an unedited stylistic maturity. The release of “Beyond Grudges” is scheduled for September 22, 2023 and promises to offer an immersive electro EDM-colored film. The EP promotion and publishing have been ably entrusted to the roman label Kate Creative Studio.


“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. If you like what I do, come closer.” Lord Spark launched himself with a cryptic image and “Catharsis”; an ethereal dance-pop project filled with orchestral sounds and angelic choirs. After that, he decided to reveal himself and leave his signature blond hair and mask behind.  He also gave his music a new direction; his latest EP, “Beyond Hideaways”, spaces from EDM to contemporary electro-pop, clarifying the influence of artists like DMNDS and VIZE from the beginning. “This is the music I’ve always wanted to do,” he said about it.  This year he’ll release a new EP, still characterized by aggressive dance sounds as shown by singles like “Out of My Mind”, “Here and Now”, and the summer-perfumed “Prayer”. “Last year I unveiled myself as I’ve never done before. You’ve seen my raw form. I am about to evolve again.”


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