New Jersey Estate Planning Lawyer Christine Matus Unveils Insightful Article on the Role of an Executor in a Will

September 22 19:58 2023
New Jersey Estate Planning Lawyer Christine Matus Unveils Insightful Article on the Role of an Executor in a Will

New Jersey estate planning lawyer Christine Matus (, of The Matus Law Group, has unveiled a comprehensive article addressing the responsibilities and expectations of an executor in a will. The piece, titled ‘Are You the Executor of a Will? Here’s What to Expect’ provides a step-by-step guide for executors, demystifying the often complex path of probate and estate administration.

In the first segment of the article, Matus, a seasoned New Jersey estate planning lawyer, introduces the executor’s role when a loved one passes away. She delves into the immediate obligations, such as locating and filing the Will, notifying necessary entities of the decedent’s death, and handling funeral arrangements. Matus emphasizes the importance of seeking legal assistance in navigating these tasks, citing the support offered by her team at The Matus Law Group.

“Being an executor can be a complex journey, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our team ensures a seamless execution of your loved one’s wishes and helps you avoid common pitfalls,”  said New Jersey estate planning lawyer Christine Matus.

The article further explores the varying complexity of estates, depending on factors such as estate size, beneficiaries’ involvement, and the types of assets included. Matus addresses common queries surrounding the executor’s role in asset distribution, emphasizing that their duty is to follow the instructions provided in the Will, without the discretion to modify beneficiary designations.

Matus says, “The executor holds the legal responsibility to oversee and settle your estate after you pass away. Their primary duty involves distributing your assets to the individuals you’ve designated as beneficiaries. They act on your behalf to ensure that your final wishes are carried out.”

She highlights the importance of understanding the executor’s obligations, which extend to managing assets, handling trusts, and maintaining the estate’s value. Matus also reminds readers of the significant time commitment involved in being an executor, advising individuals to seek legal counsel to navigate the process effectively.

“The process of being an executor is a serious time commitment and a major responsibility. Strong legal counsel can help you work through this process in a timely manner,” Matus added.

Drawing the article to a close, Matus reiterates her commitment to assisting executors in their journey, offering the support of her team at The Matus Law Group. She encourages individuals named as executors to reach out for comprehensive assistance, clarifying their role and responsibilities, and ensuring alignment with the decedent’s wishes and applicable laws.

Finally, for those eager to understand more about the role of an executor in a will, or who require assistance in their journey as an executor, Matus’s article provides a valuable resource worth exploring.

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