Mail Blaze Introduces AI-Powered Text and Image Generation for Email Campaigns

September 23 00:21 2023
Revolutionise email campaigns with effortless content creation.

Mail Blaze, a leading innovator in email marketing, is excited to announce a groundbreaking addition to its platform that will transform how businesses craft their email marketing campaigns. With the introduction of Mail Blaze’s AI Content Blocks, email campaign creation is about to become easier and more professional than ever before.

Mail Blaze has always believed that creating captivating email content should be a breeze. With the AI Text Content Block and AI Image Content Block, that vision has become a reality.

AI Text Content Block

Crafting the perfect email message no longer requires endless hours of writing and editing. Mail Blaze’s AI Text Content Block allows users to generate compelling email copy with just a few well-thought-out prompts. Users will no longer spend hours trying to find the right words to communicate their message. Now, they can simply take a few minutes to craft engaging messages that capture their audience’s attention.


Effortless Text Generation: Mail Blaze’s AI Text Content Block simplifies the process of creating engaging email copy. With simple prompts, the AI is capable of generating copy in a few minutes. The more descriptive the user’s prompts are, the better the AI understands their requirements.

Maximises Keywords: Just like search engines rely on keywords to find the right content, keywords in the user’s prompt help the AI generate copy that aligns with their messaging.

Generates Multiple Variations: Users can choose how many variations of the copy they want the AI to generate. 

Sticks to a Given Word Count: Users can specify the desired word count to ensure the copy matches their campaign’s needs. This helps prevent the AI from generating overly lengthy copy when it only needs to generate a concise message.

Fine Tunes: If the generated text still doesn’t satisfy the user, they can provide additional guidance to the AI by using the AI Text Enhancer Settings for automatic content generation.

AI Image Content Block

The AI Image Content Block allows users to effortlessly create captivating images for their email marketing campaigns.


Effortlessly Creates Images: Users can easily create captivating images for their email marketing campaigns.

Offers Different Art Styles: Users can choose from various art styles such as fantasy art, realistic photography, comic book, digital art and more.

Generates Multiple Variations: If the user is not satisfied with the initial image, they can request more variations. 

Enhances Images: For additional guidance for the AI, users can use the AI Image Enhancer Settings. They can add more detail to their creative direction to prompt the AI to give them a better image. 

With Mail Blaze’s new AI Content Blocks, email marketing has never been easier or more efficient. Whether users are seasoned marketers or just getting started, these innovative AI Content Blocks make crafting compelling emails a breeze.

See how the AI content blocks in action: 

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