Ivan Bosanko, Award-Winning Author and Innovator Launches a Follow-Up to His Fifth Novel via Bookside Press – Enter, “The Rubber Room, Vol 2”

September 23 00:54 2023
Bookside Press is a premier Canadian publishing company focused on pushing the envelope in the digital world. The firm is delighted to launch the sequel of one of its top-rated works, Ivan Bosanko’s “The Rubber Room, Volume 2”.

The rich catalog of one of the best authors is receiving a brand-new addition. Ivan Bosanko, the author of The Brown’s Hole, Sarah D., and the critically acclaimed The Rubber Room, as well as the creator of the internationally recognized online series such as “Who’s Who”, launched “The Rubber Room, Volume 2” through his trusted partner, Bookside Press. 

The undisputed success of the first “The Rubber Room” propelled Ivan to dive deeper into the mysteries of the ‘50s-era railroad industry. Seamlessly blending well-written character models with authentic events that shook the foundation of the entire globe, Ivan began a story that is as important and relatable today as it was nearly a century ago. The sequel follows a love story between the main characters KateLynn and Jerry, their struggles to remain together amid a myriad of crises, and their drive to embrace the brave new world.

“Will it ever be KateLynn and Jerry’s time, or will fate throw them another loop?” is the question Ivan asked his faithful readers upon closing the first chapter of what eventually became a core dilogy in international literature. This question is thoroughly explored in the follow-up to the original “The Rubber Room”, putting Katey and Jerry through a series of tribulations encompassing what Mr. Bosanko describes as the “three Cs: Change, Commitment, and Challenges.”

“They have had their differences over the ears, and through the numerous bumps in their mutual happiness, they have always managed to hold onto each other,” said Ivan.

Both chapters of The Rubber Room are far more than just stories of love and perseverance. They depict a change of times, an era when the world began spinning faster, and a time when people had as many opportunities as there were stars in the skies. However, opportunism, greed, and a pit in the proverbial guts of desire fueled certain individuals to trample over others and their dreams to chase their own.

The Rubber Room, Volume 2” paints a picture of a world that might not have changed so much in over seven decades. Young lovebirds across all compass points are still battling the declining economy, changing through their trials, and facing challenges every step of the way – much like Katey and Jerry did in Ivan’s books.

More information about the author and The Rubber Room, Volume 2 is available on Ivan Bosanko’s official website http://www.ivanbosanko.com.

Bookside Press, a leading Canadian hybrid publishing company bringing out author Ivan Bosanko’s engaging book to the public, providing many authors exclusive access to publicity. Ivan’s book is now available on his website and Amazon in Kindle, hardcover, paperback, and mass-market paperback formats.

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