Introducing “Slipping Through: The Lockwood Cryptid Chronicles Book 1” – A Must-Read for Cryptozoology Enthusiasts

September 23 01:24 2023
Introducing "Slipping Through: The Lockwood Cryptid Chronicles Book 1" - A Must-Read for Cryptozoology Enthusiasts
Unlock the mysteries of the cryptid world with John Grover’s latest thriller, “Slipping Through.” Join Cord Lockwood’s haunting quest, where age-old legends come to life, and every shadow holds a secret. Join A must-read for the daring and the curious!

Dive deep into the world of cryptozoology with John Grover’s new mystery adventure, “Slipping Through: The Lockwood Cryptid Chronicles Book 1.” Drawing inspiration from his personal love for monsters and the supernatural, Grover takes readers on a riveting journey filled with suspense, action, and hair-raising encounters with the world’s most elusive cryptids.

Ever since he was a boy, Cord Lockwood was intrigued by Bigfoot sightings. His life took a dramatic turn when he had a personal encounter with the creature, setting him on a path of relentless curiosity. Alongside a young protégé with similar experiences, Cord encounters a myriad of cryptids like the spine-chilling Chupacabra and the legendary Loch Ness Monster. But when Cord stumbles upon a secret he was never meant to uncover, danger lurks around every corner, leading him to a life-altering realization – never venture into the woods alone!

Dare to believe, but venture with caution.

Fans of popular shows like “Finding Bigfoot” and “Expedition Bigfoot” will be captivated by Grover’s gripping narrative and compelling characters. His deep-rooted love for the paranormal shines through, drawing from inspirations like “The Twilight Zone,” “X-Files,” and “Night Gallery.”

“Read this one if you like stories about bigfoot/sasquatch or any other creatures that people have seen, but can’t find any evidence to support what they’ve seen.” – Mike D., Amazon Review

“Slipping Through: The Lockwood Cryptid Chronicles Book 1” promises to be a cherished addition to the bookshelves of Bigfoot hunters, paranormal networks, and cryptozoology communities. If you’ve ever felt the thrill of chasing legends or yearned to know more about the world’s most mysterious creatures, this book is your next must-read!

For more information or to request an interview with the author, please contact him on his website,, or through Facebook. Get your copy today on Amazon.

About the Book

In the silent depths of the woods, some legends refuse to remain hidden. Cord Lockwood’s childhood obsession with Bigfoot turned into reality one fateful night, forever altering the course of his life. Years later, alongside a young protégé with hauntingly similar experiences, Cord plunges into a world where myth becomes truth and folklore lives. From the elusive Chupacabra to the enigmatic Loch Ness Monster, danger lurks at every turn, and a dark secret awaits discovery—a secret that might cost Cord everything.

In John Grover’s “Slipping Through,” the line between the known and the unknown blurs. Remember: in these woods, you’re never truly alone.

About John Grover

John Grover is a multi-genre fiction author based in Massachusetts. With an innate love for monsters and the supernatural, Grover has a diverse portfolio that spans across horror, mystery, and fantasy. Known for classics like The Primal Roar Series and The Kaiju Overlords Series, he has been featured in notable anthologies like “Wicked Creatures by The New England Horror Writers” and “Jersey Pines Crypto-Gnats Anthology.” A proud member of the New England Horror Writers and a graduate of Fisher College’s creative writing program, Grover’s vast experience ensures readers are in for an unforgettable ride. 

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