AIGOAPP Announces Extensive Recruitment Drive in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Offering Locals Premier Employment Opportunities.

September 27 01:36 2023

On September 12th, AIGOAPP, a globally renowned quantitative trading company, after extensive market research and evaluation of the local workforce’s capabilities, has chosen to launch a large-scale public recruitment initiative in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The current plan aims to employ over 600,000 individuals locally to bolster their team and elevate their market share. This move by AIGOAPP is projected to generate a plethora of job opportunities for the local community, further propelling the region’s economic progress.

The World Bank forecasts that by 2025, the global digital economy will constitute 25% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). An increasing number of nations are identifying the advancement of the digital economy as pivotal to enhancing their economic competitiveness and achieving economic transformation. This holds true for African nations as well. This trend is evident from market performance; the digital technology and service sectors in the region have contributed over $155 billion. AIGOAPP’s investments in Congo are strategically positioned to radiate throughout Africa, revealing substantial prospects for growth and investment.

According to reports, in 2018, the digital industry in Africa created 1.2 million jobs. Of these, formal direct employment constituted a third, while indirect employment made up two-thirds. By 2025, it’s anticipated that the region will see an addition of 300,000 jobs in the digital technology and service sector, bringing the total to 1.5 million individuals either directly or indirectly engaged. This indicates that AIGOAPP’s investment and job offerings in Congo will also contribute to shaping a poverty-alleviating economic growth model for the region.

The recruitment process will encompass both offline branch-based hiring and online applications. This hiring initiative is comprehensive, targeting not only regular staff and management but also offering candidates a range of training and development opportunities. Aspiring applicants will benefit from knowledge-sharing on technical skills, hands-on experiences, laying a robust foundation for their future employment endeavors. This recruitment drive is anticipated to draw a vast number of job seekers. AIGOAPP ardently encourages all interested candidates to actively apply, together envisioning a brighter future.

“Poverty and exclusion are an affront to humanity, stripping individuals of their inherent dignity. We aspire to use this opportunity to extend a hand to those fallen, restoring their honor,” expressed Norton, the Chief Executive Officer of AIGOAPP in Congo.

Officials from the Congo government have expressed their support for this initiative. AIGOAPP, with its commendable market performance and innovative technological services, has garnered a sterling reputation globally. Their efforts resemble a forest that silently thrives and bears fruit amidst the relentless oppression and cacophony of injustices.

AIGOAPP not only empowers refugees and host communities with self-sufficiency but also pledges to adhere strictly to local laws during recruitment. They respect local customs and are committed to nondiscrimination based on gender, age, height, identity, race, religion, political beliefs, or any work-irrelevant illnesses and disabilities. They offer an open and transparent opportunity, sharing the value of the digital economy with all.

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